Support OpenUPM

OpenUPM is an open-source service that is offered to the community for free. However, hosting, maintaining, and developing new features for the project requires resources. You can support the development of OpenUPM via the following methods:

Help the Community Grow

You can contribute to the growth and success of the OpenUPM community in several ways:


OpenUPM welcomes donations and contributions from the community to support its development and sustainability. There are several ways you can contribute to OpenUPM:

  • One-time Donations: You can make a one-time donation through PayPalopen in new window to support OpenUPM.

  • Recurring Pledges: By becoming a backer or sponsor on Patreonopen in new window, you can make recurring pledges. In addition to supporting OpenUPM, you may also receive exclusive perks, such as having your name listed in the OpenUPM GitHub repository or having your company logo displayed on the OpenUPM website. This ongoing support is crucial for the continued development of OpenUPM.

  • Service Sponsorship: Companies can choose to sponsor OpenUPM by providing services or software of equal value to their recurring pledges. This sponsorship level also includes the same rewards as Patreon backers. For inquiries about service sponsorship, please contact

If your business relies on OpenUPM for a revenue-generating product, sponsoring OpenUPM development makes sense as it ensures the project's health and active maintenance, which is beneficial for your product. It also enhances your visibility within the OpenUPM community and can help attract OpenUPM developers.

Individual users who have benefited from using OpenUPM and appreciate its role in enhancing productivity can also consider making a donation to show their support.

Your contributions, whether one-time or ongoing, are greatly appreciated and contribute to the sustainability and development of OpenUPM. Thank you for being a part of the OpenUPM community!